Pilgrims Wood

I've been thinking of ways to incorporate nature and the beauty of it into my writing. Something I discovered recently while looking for something to help my babies sleep was a TV series along the lines of slow TV. Calm music plays and films of nature come on screen. One episode featured some woodlands in Autumn. As some may know that is my favourite season. It sparked an idea for a story that I may give the working title 'Pilgrims Wood'. I'm thinking it will feature a character who passes away in the wood like the fading leaves. He returns to the earth as seasons change, his soul assends and there is of course hope of resurrection. As it is still thoughts I won't say much more. I hope to delve a bit deeper into a descriptive writing style and maybe also incorporate a "Pilgrims Progress style" of writing. Maybe. Just brain storming. Watch this space. Thanks.

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