Allotment 5B: Do I know what I'm doing? Any advice?

Recently we acquired a garden allotment primarily for the growing of food.

It is a fair bit from where we live in Edinburgh. It's in Penicuik, Midlothian to be exact. However, we love Peebles in the Scottish Borders and it is a pit stop on the way. So really it is ideal for us. To be honest I am a complete newbie and have no idea how to go about this. I'm just trying to be optimistic and at least give it a go for the year. It is amazingly cheap as rent goes. Not sure about the rest of things. But, we shall see. It's almost like social media knew because I kept getting adverts for gardening courses. I'm going to try running an allotment as a hobby to start with anyway.

I saw a thing online about collecting seeds for the seasons and filling a tin. As it happens I collect tins. So I got some gardening magazines. All ones giving away a good amount of seeds. One also came with a wall chart.

The adventure begins. Any advice from people is warmly welcome.

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