There is a song with the lyric "l get
knocked down, but I get up
In turn I like the image of a
Phoenix rising from the ashes. [t
makes me think how rve Christians
should never accept defeat.
Indeed our Lord has conquered
that eviltrinity of the world, the
t'lesh and the devil. He made a
spectacle of death. His enemies
had him marked down as defeated,
crushed forever. but he rose again
in victory and still rises.
He too encourages us. though
stoms may rage. to rise from the
rubble. To run and not gror.v
weary, to r.valk and not faint, to
mount up on wings like eagles! So
rise up church, roar like a mighty
lion! ln Christ we have the

(Also appeared as a guest post in the Primitive Quaker Journal, The Call).

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