The 2020 Writers Happiness Challenge Day 9: Count Your Kindness

Day 9 already!

Another challenge has arrived that initially made me think, "I can't boast though." Which is correct.

However, someone recently wrote a message on the board at work:
"Know your worth and know you're valued in all you do."

I'm beginning to see the difference between acknowledgement and boasting. Also sometimes people are quick to consider effectively counting their sins, but neglect to count their kindnesses (which are a gift from God).

So here is a list of 7 opportunities God has given me to express kindness recently (I chose 7 as it is my favourite number and said to be the perfect number):

  1. The opportunity to be a listening ear for someone struggling with mixed emotions. 
  2. The opportunity to be a word of comfort and listening ear to someone in bereavement. 
  3. The opportunity to try and help someone with spiritual matters and signpost other help available. 
  4. The opportunity to have a job in the care sector that is all about kindness.
  5. Kisses and cuddles with my babies. 
  6. Being hospitable to visitors. 
  7. Acknowledging others with my wee phrase "You are appreciated."

Soli Deo Gloria. 

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