Positive Thought #1

Is the glass half full or half empty?

At this time the media and social media has lots of negative stuff. You can imagine why. Whilst there is actually nothing wrong with negative feelings or well informed sadness, still there needs to be a level of positive thought also. Admittedly I swing from "there is no cup" to "my cup runneth over" at times.

I was trying to think of something positive today and it actually wasn't as hard as I initially thought. I wish to start sharing some positive thoughts. This is not in any way to make light of tragedy, but rather sending a light out into the darkness.

Here is one positive thing, one glass half full-

As some may know I care for the environment. Reducing climate impact is now happening on some level amid the chaos of what's going on in the world. Whilst it may be sad for people who pilot planes or cruises, these vessels are grounded in lots of places. This means they are neither pumping fumes into the air or sea for the time being. In some places the roads are also silent and the birds can be heard singing in the trees again.

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